Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Common Purpose Update

If you have just found this page and have never heard of Common Purpose you need to read this first...

Common Purpose - The Hidden Virus

I came across Common Purpose a few weeks ago by accident.
Although I have a terminal illness the DWP were insisting I needed to attend a medical. In fact the guy I spoke to was extremely rude and unhelpful despite being aware of my condition.
I took a look online to see if anybody else had experienced similar problems.
I came across this site and was alarmed by what I read about Common Purpose.

DWP Corruption

I have contacted a number of MP's this week and asked them about Common Purpose.
In every case the answer has been the same.
They know little or nothing about the organisation and having looked at the website they don't see a problem.
I have to conclude that anybody that doesn't see a problem with this organisation and the way it operates is actually a part of that problem themselves.
Among those I contacted were Nick Clegg and David Cameron, neither has even acknowledged my email. Clearly nobody wants to discuss Common Purpose.

I could fill a number of pages with what I've discovered about Common Purpose since I came upon it by accident, none of it good.
One of the most disturbing facts I found was evidence that they use Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques which is explained here by Brian Gerrish, a former Naval Officer who was the first to expose Common Purpose for what it is.

NLP Explained

As Common Purpose is a Registered Charity funded almost entirely by the taxpayer I find it alarming that any questions relating to its activities are met with a very high brick wall.

Although over ONE HUNDRED MILLION POUNDS Of taxpayers cash has been handed over for their various courses there is no verifiable evidence to show these courses are of any value.
In fact where Common Purpose is most active there appears to be nothing but chaos.
Cressida Dick is a Common Purpose "Graduate".
Cressida Dick is the senior police officer who authorised the “Shoot to kill” policy without reference to Parliament, the law or the British Constitution. Jean Charles De Menezes was one of the innocents who died as a result. Her shoot to kill policy still stands today.

Another prime example is the NHS who, to date, have spent over 250K on Common Purpose Training. It's an undeniable fact that as the number of Common Purpose Graduates rose in the NHS so did the numbers of those dying from flesh eating diseases.
Is Common Purpose training affecting the judgement of those taking part in its courses. Brian Gerrish certainly thinks so.

To date Common Purpose has been reported six times to the Information Commissioners Office for breaches of the Data Protection Act.
One case has been closed without action after ten months.
The other five are ongoing and it's likely to be another six months before a decision is made.

Complaints About Common Purpose

I have also seen documents that show Common Purpose Graduates are actively recruiting others on "Company Time" using "Company Resources".
So not only are we taxpayers paying for these courses that benefit only the hand picked elite, we're also providing the resources for them to recruit others.
Do we want our NHS Execs spending their time promoting Common Purpose or would we rather they concentrate on eliminating MRSA?

I advise anybody reading this to start investigating how active Common Purpose is in your area.
Use the FOI Act to get this information, but do it via the link below in order to avoid revealing your personal details to Common Purpose.
They are provided with a list of names and addresses of anybody asking questions about them.


Why would a charity organisation feel the need to do this?
I have read claims of intimidation and harassment of anybody speaking out against them but so far have been unable to prove this.
Ask if Common Purpose is active in your child's school, which teachers are members etc.
How many of your local councillors are members of Common Purpose


If you want to get more involved then check out the British Constitution Group.
Be sure to watch the latest video from Brian Gerrish.


UK Column Newspaper


E U Truth


Where it all began, list of traitors


The most important thing now is to let others know about Common Purpose.
Send emails to all your contacts alerting them to Common Purpose, ask them to do the same.
Contact your MP and local councillors and let them know you're aware of Common Purpose. You can do this via the following website saving the cost of stamps.
Just tap in your postcode and you'll get a list of all councillors and the MP for your area.

Write to Them

Make a formal complaint to the Charity Commission, the more complaints they get the more likely they are to be forced to take action.
Common Purpose is Elitist and Politically Motivated in direct contradiction of the Charity Commissions Rules.

Start your own blog.
Contact your local press.
Do whatever you can to spread the word.


Monday, 19 October 2009

Proof Police and Councils are Now Registered Businesses

Many Government Dept's including the police are now Registered Businesses with CCJ'S against them.

I've been unable to find out what these CCJ's are for as this information is exempt under FOI rules.

If your council is shown here you might want to contact them and ask why they have CCJ's aginst them?
After all this is your money and you have a right to know.

List of CCJ's

Common Purpose Bursaries

Here is a so called investigation by the BBC into Common Purpose.
This is Part 1 of 2 vids.
Bear in mind the BBC has spent hundreds of thousands of pounds of license payers money on Common Purpose Courses so a thorough investigation by the BBC is highly unlikely.
But one point raised in this video is interesting and I welcome comments from Derek Wyatt and Mike Forster on this.
Common Purpose states that it offers bursaries to students who can't afford its outrageous charges for its courses.
But they refuse to say how many and to whom they've been offered.


Not that surprising for an organisation that shrouds itself in secrecy.

Once again I have to ask the question, if there is nothing to hide then why does this organisation operate in almost total secrecy?

There is obviously a need for a very thorough public investigation into this organisation if only to trace where our cash is going.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Mike Forster responds to my email on behalf of Derek Wyatt

My comments are bold.....

Dear Mr Boyce

Derek has asked me to reply on his behalf to your emails and blogposts regarding Common Purpose. Derek is disappointed that you have chosen to describe him as dishonest on your blog, as he has been entirely honest with you, and he hopes that you will consider revising your opinion.

Regarding the link on Derek’s website, it has not been removed. The site has recently undergone a re-design, but the link is still on the Useful Links page. While Derek does not remember why it is included, my best guess is that a member of staff or our website developer copied links from another website, such as KCC. Derek did not deny their existence in his original response; he merely stated that he had not heard of the organisation.

I accept this explanation having designed a few websites for others myself and for this reason I'm prepared to apologise for this remark

Having read many of the conspiracies on the Internet about Common Purpose, we remain to be convinced that the organisation does anything other than the activities it states on its website. Indeed, its website allows visitors to apply for courses directly. It explains the high fees charged to corporate clients by the fact that it offers bursaries to suitable applicants who cannot afford the fees – rather like the current system of funding for Higher Education.

The website also gives extensive details of the content of the courses, as well as the Trustees of the charity. Accounts for the last 5 years are available on the Charity Commission website, as normal.

These accounts are provided by Common Purpose themselves and in my view are "far too tidy".
I would like to see an independent audit performed on this organisation.
Also it states that it spends certain amounts each year on charitable purposes but doesn't explain exactly what these charitable purposes are.
I know who the NSPCC and the RSPCA are and I can see evidence of their work quite openly.
What exactly does Common Purpose do that benefits the general public?
As Common Purpose operates under Chatham House Rules it is practically impossible for the average guy to acces this information.
As such I don't feel it deserves its charity status

The fact that the website you included in your email lays this huge conspiracy at the feet of a serving Cabinet Minister further diminishes its credibility, and it provides no factual evidence for this or any of the claims that it makes. To imply that a management training organisation is responsible for MRSA or the tragic case of Jean Charles de Menezes very much pushes the boundaries of reality.

Brian Gerish is a former serving Naval Officer so in my view his opinions carry a lot of weight.
What are your credentials?
Also if you look at the website properly you will find a number of documents backing up many of his claims, although I admit some of his claims are "speculative".
However if he is printing lies as you seem to suggest then why hasn't he been challenged in court by both Common Purpose and The Government?
As for Common Purpose being responsible for MRSA I'm not sure what gave you the impression I felt that?
(In fact I feel MRSA is more likely to be attributed to the Iraq War and I will explain why in another post.)
I was trying to push the point that if Common Purpose is such a huge success worthy of over 100M of taxpayers cash then why are there so many problems whereever large numbers of Common Purpose Graduates are active?
Today a report was published that shows almost half of all hospitals in this country are failing to provide basic needs.
This follows almost twelve years of Labour rule and a huge rise in the number of Common Purpose Graduates in the NHS.
The question I asked which you have failed to answer was "How is Common Purpose helping the NHS?"

As for Charles De Menzes I stated that Cressida Dick attended a Common Purpose training course in 1995/1996.
She later went on to order the execution of an innocent man on Public Transport.
So I'm asking if her Common Purpose Training influenced her decison that day, I didn't claim Common Purpose was responsible for the execution.
I doubt there is a man or woman outside of parliament who desn't feel she should have been sacked following this very public execution of an innocent man.
The fact that she was promoted following this incident, not once but twice, beggars belief.
For this I point the finger at The Government not Common Purpose.

I can assure you that criminals are being locked up – indeed one of our biggest concerns is that despite building extra prisons since 1997, investment in the police has meant that more criminals are being imprisoned than we have space available. That same investment has seen crime drop drastically since 1997. By and large looked after children are not being tortured to death, and where isolated (but nonetheless tragic) cases have emerged the Government has been quick in sending people in to overhaul social services in individual authorities.

According the the news today Jack Straw is intending to close 30 magistrates courts.
The reason given is they are half empty most of the time.
With crime on the increase particularly violent crime why are courts half empty?
I think the anser to this is simple, the police are too busy with paper work to arrest criminals so they are using on the spot penalty notices to deal with offences that warrant arrest.
You only have to watch one of the many episodes on TV of the police in action to know this is a fact.
I've lost count of the number of times I've watched police being verbally abused, threatened and physically attacked only for the culprit to be let off with a warning, caution or a fixed penalty notice.
These are all offences which warrant an arrest and subsequent court action.
Police ignored over 30 requests for help from Fiona Pilkington.
No wonder the courts are half empty, how many other cases are there such as this we don't ever hear about because the victim has not yet killed herself?
Your record on crime speaks for itself, no matter how you try to massage the figures.

I have ave also checked with Companies House, and there are no Police Forces registered there. I would be grateful if you could point me in the direction of your source to the contrary.

Try Dunne and Bradstreet or check your search terms

In closing I would just like to add that a report from the EU states that Britain is at high risk of going bust.
No doubt you'll blame this on the recession but the recession is worldwide, why are we suffering the most?
Either you and your government colleagues are totally incompetent and are too busy exploiting the Expense System to concentrate on the problems we face or we are deliberately being dragged down to allow complete takeover by the EU.
Which is it?

Kind regards

Mike Forster
Office of Derek Wyatt MP

My Email to Derek Wyatt MP


As you’re aware I am suffering from lung cancer.
Last week I was officially classed as terminal.
The only reason I mention this is because I want to make it clear how much Common Purpose scares me.
I am far more concerned about Common Purpose and its activities than my own demise which I can do nothing to change!
Common Purpose is everywhere yet nobody seems to have heard of it!


I came across Common Purpose by accident a couple of weeks ago when I was having problems with the DWP.
Although I am terminally ill they insisted I needed to attend a medical, which I complained to you about at the time.
I was looking online to see if anybody else had experienced similar problems.

I found a lot of sites, one in particular that blamed Common Purpose for pretty much everything bad that’s happened in recent years.
I don’t go much for Conspiracy Theories but I was interested enough to do some digging of my own.
It’s not easy to find information regarding Common Purpose because the organisation shrouds itself in secrecy.
Try something simple like asking for a list of members/graduates.

When I asked you if you’d heard of Common Purpose your answer was a simple NO, despite the fact you had a link to Common Purpose from your own website.
This link has very recently been removed.
If, as you say, this organisation is above board, why did you deny their existence and then remove the link? Why all the secrecy?

How can an organisation that charges between 5K and 10K for a two day course be considered a charity?
Common Purpose also has some very heavy backing including Deutsche Bank.
How did they manage to register themselves as a charity and where does all the money go?
Just to put this into perspective the Full Microsoft Training Package with a guaranteed pass and which takes a few months to complete costs £2,649
Common Purpose collects between 5K and 10K for a two day course and nobody has any idea what kind of course it is.

Were you aware that Cressida Dick attended a Common Purpose training course in 95/96?
She is also a very active promoter of Common Purpose.
Cressida Dick ordered the very public execution of an innocent man on London Transport.
Not only was she not sacked, as the majority of the public expected, she has been promoted twice since this event.

Why is it that wherever Common Purpose is active nothing seems to work properly?

The NHS has spent a small fortune on Common Purpose courses over the past few years.
At the same time patients attending hospital for the most minor operations are losing limbs or dying after contracting a variety of flesh eating diseases.
MRSA was pretty much unheard of in the year 2,000.
How is Common Purpose training helping the NHS exactly?

The police have also spent a fortune on Common Purpose training.
Kent Police alone have spent £36,000 for officers to attend Common Purpose courses.

On Saturday Superintendent Steve Harrod, Head of Criminal Justice at Leicestershire Police made a startling statement at the inquest of Fiona Pilkington.
He stated that anti-social behaviour and low-level hooliganism is no longer the responsibility of the police.
Beating somebody with an iron bar is not anti-social behaviour; neither is marching somebody at knifepoint to a shed and locking them in.
Both are criminal offences still unless there’s been a change in the law I’m not aware of.
The age of the perpetrator is not relevant.
Chris Tew, the former Assistant Chief Constable of Leicestershire Police, told the coroner that by the end of this year 2,000 officers would have been trained
to spot vulnerable victims of crime who were either physically or mentally disabled.
The police now need special training to remind them how to spot vulnerable victims of crime?
How has Common Purpose helped the police?
By the way, are you aware that every police force in England is now a Registered Company? When and why did this happen?

The Ministry of Justice has spent a small fortune on Common Purpose training.
The whole system is now a total mess.
Violent criminals are released early to go on and commit murder, jail sentences are far too soft, criminals are treated better than the victims and many crimes never make it to court.
How has Common Purpose training helped the Ministry of Justice?

The M O D has also spent a large amount of money on Common Purpose training.
Yet every day we have to suffer the pain of seeing young lads and their older colleagues being sent back from Afghanistan either in coffins or with limbs missing.
Senior officers are speaking out and resigning because most of these deaths could have been avoided if the troops were given the proper equipment.
Will the M O D continue to spend money on Common Purpose training or will they be encouraged to use this money to provide our boys with the equipment they desperately need?

Was it a coincidence that MP’s were exposed this year for abusing their expenses or was it all stage managed to weaken our parliament and make it easier for the EU to take us over completely?
(Tony Blair is about to be made President of the EU)
The abuse was widespread and many MP’s claimed they were encouraged to do it.
Who encouraged them to abuse the expense system and who authorised the payments?
Incidentally, I was shocked to see the Tories do so well at the Euro elections.
All parties were involved in the expenses scandal yet Labour seemed to take the brunt of it.
I won’t be around to vote next year but if I was you can be sure I wouldn’t be voting for any of the main parties.
I would be looking for an independent I felt I could trust and this is the advice I’m giving to friends and family.
All the main parties have Common Purpose connections.

Common Purpose is estimated to have received over One Hundred Million Pounds from the taxpayer.
I say estimated because they refuse to publish their accounts. This figure has been reached following a series of Freedom of Information requests.
There have been over 200 requests made through this site alone so I guess I’m not the only once concerned about this organization.

It could very well be far in excess of 100M.
Yet I am unable to find any area where Common Purpose training has produced any verifiable, worthwhile results.
On the surface Common Purpose resembles a pyramid scheme, when you dig deeper it becomes far more sinister.

I will soon be leaving this earth but I won’t be sad for myself, only for those I leave behind.
I can remember a time when criminals were locked up, babies were not tortured to death under the noses of social workers, doctors and the police and old or vulnerable people could walk down the street without fear. These days they’re not safe in their own homes.

Enjoy your retirement Derek.


Ken Boyce.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

MP's Expenses

This is clearly nothing more than a smoke screen to take our attention away from the fact that our country is about to be taken over by the EU with Tony Blair as its President.

For the first time today I heard a political correspondent mention the possibilty of the majority of the poulation voting for an independent at next years election.
Clearly more and more people are now becoming aware of what's been going on and are starting to do something about it.

Derek Wyatt MP

On Monday 21st September I asked my MP to explain how he could say he'd never heard of Common Purpose yet had a link to them from his own personal website.
The link was under Training and Education but has since been removed.
(I kept a copy of the page for future reference).

Mr Wyatt ignored the question and countered by stating he could see nothing wrong with their website and he didn't understand my concerns.

Derek Wyatt is the MP for Sittingbourne and Sheppey.

Recently he announced that he would not be standing at the next election.

I hope you keep your promise Mr Wyatt, you have shown yourself to be untrustworthy.

As for my concerns regarding Common Purpose Mr Wyatt, the fact that you claim never to have heard of them is just one of my concerns.
If they're above board why didn't you just say so?
Why pretend you'd never heard of them?
What are you afraid of?